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int xdo_keysequence ( const xdo_t xdo,
Window  window,
const char *  keysequence,
useconds_t  delay 

Send a keysequence to the specified window.

This allows you to send keysequences by symbol name. Any combination of X11 KeySym names separated by '+' are valid. Single KeySym names are valid, too.

Examples: "l" "semicolon" "alt+Return" "Alt_L+Tab"

If you want to type a string, such as "Hello world." you want to instead use xdo_type.

window The window you want to send the keysequence to or CURRENTWINDOW
keysequence The string keysequence to send.
delay The delay between keystrokes in microseconds.

Definition at line 931 of file xdo.c.

  int ret = 0;
  int modifier = 0;
  ret += _xdo_keysequence_do(xdo, window, keyseq, True, &modifier, delay / 2);
  ret += _xdo_keysequence_do(xdo, window, keyseq, False, &modifier, delay / 2);
  return ret;

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