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unsigned char* xdo_getwinprop ( const xdo_t xdo,
Window  window,
Atom  atom,
long *  nitems,
Atom *  type,
int *  size 

Generic property fetch.

window the window to query
atom the Atom to request
nitems the number of items
type the type of the return
size the size of the type
data consisting of 'nitems' items of size 'size' and type 'type' will need to be cast to the type before using.

Definition at line 1288 of file xdo.c.

References xdo::xdpy.

  Atom actual_type;
  int actual_format;
  unsigned long _nitems;
  unsigned long nbytes;
  unsigned long bytes_after; /* unused */
  unsigned char *prop;
  int status;

  status = XGetWindowProperty(xdo->xdpy, window, atom, 0, (~0L),
                              False, AnyPropertyType, &actual_type,
                              &actual_format, &_nitems, &bytes_after,
  if (status == BadWindow) {
    fprintf(stderr, "window id # 0x%lx does not exists!", window);
    return NULL;
  } if (status != Success) {
    fprintf(stderr, "XGetWindowProperty failed!");
    return NULL;

  if (actual_format == 32)
    nbytes = sizeof(long);
  else if (actual_format == 16)
    nbytes = sizeof(short);
  else if (actual_format == 8)
    nbytes = 1;
  else if (actual_format == 0)
    nbytes = 0;

  *nitems = _nitems;
  *type = actual_type;
  *size = actual_format;
  return prop;

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