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int xdo_mousemove_relative_to_window ( const xdo_t xdo,
Window  window,
int  x,
int  y 

Move the mouse to a specific location relative to the top-left corner of a window.

x the target X coordinate on the screen in pixels.
y the target Y coordinate on the screen in pixels.

Definition at line 627 of file xdo.c.

References xdo::xdpy.

  XWindowAttributes attr;
  Window unused_child;
  int root_x, root_y;

  XGetWindowAttributes(xdo->xdpy, window, &attr);
  XTranslateCoordinates(xdo->xdpy, window, attr.root,
                        x, y, &root_x, &root_y, &unused_child);
  return xdo_mousemove(xdo, root_x, root_y, XScreenNumberOfScreen(attr.screen));

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