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int xdo_window_wait_for_map_state ( const xdo_t xdo,
Window  wid,
int  map_state 

Wait for a window to have a specific map state.

State possibilities: IsUnmapped - window is not displayed. IsViewable - window is mapped and shown (though may be clipped by windows on top of it) IsUnviewable - window is mapped but a parent window is unmapped.

wid the window you want to wait for.
map_state the state to wait for.

Definition at line 133 of file xdo.c.

References xdo::xdpy.

  XWindowAttributes attr;
  attr.map_state = IsUnmapped;
  while (attr.map_state != map_state) {
    XGetWindowAttributes(xdo->xdpy, wid, &attr);
    usleep(30000); /* TODO(sissel): Use exponential backoff up to 1 second */
  return 0;

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