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xdo_t* xdo_new_with_opened_display ( Display *  xdpy,
const char *  display,
int  close_display_when_freed 

Create a new xdo_t instance with an existing X11 Display instance.

xdpy the Display pointer given by a previous XOpenDisplay()
display the string display name
close_display_when_freed If true, we will close the display when xdo_free is called. Otherwise, we leave it open.

Definition at line 84 of file xdo.c.

References xdo::close_display_when_freed, xdo::display_name, and xdo::xdpy.

  xdo_t *xdo = NULL;

  if (xdpy == NULL) {
    fprintf(stderr, "xdo_new: xdisplay I was given is a null pointer\n");
    return NULL;

  /* XXX: Check for NULL here */
  xdo = malloc(sizeof(xdo_t));
  memset(xdo, 0, sizeof(xdo_t));

  xdo->xdpy = xdpy;
  xdo->close_display_when_freed = close_display_when_freed;

  if (display == NULL)
    display = "unknown";

  if (!_xdo_has_xtest(xdo)) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Error: XTEST extension unavailable on '%s'.", 
    return NULL;

  return xdo;

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