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int xdo_window_wait_for_active ( const xdo_t xdo,
Window  window,
int  active 

Wait for a window to be active or not active.

Requires your window manager to support this. Uses _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW from the EWMH spec.

window the window to wait on
active If 1, wait for active. If 0, wait for inactive.

Definition at line 331 of file xdo.c.

  Window activewin = 0;
  int ret = 0;

  /* If active is true, wait until activewin is our window
   * otherwise, wait until activewin is not our window */
  while (active ? activewin != window : activewin == window) {
    ret = xdo_window_get_active(xdo, &activewin);
    if (ret == XDO_ERROR) {
      return ret;

  return 0;

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