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xdo.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file xdo.h.

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/X.h>
#include <unistd.h>

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struct  charcodemap
struct  keysym_charmap
struct  xdo
struct  xdo_active_mods
struct  xdo_search


#define CURRENTWINDOW   (0)
#define SEARCH_CLASS   (1UL << 1)
#define SEARCH_CLASSNAME   (1UL << 6)
#define SEARCH_NAME   (1UL << 2)
#define SEARCH_ONLYVISIBLE   (1UL << 4)
#define SEARCH_PID   (1UL << 3)
#define SEARCH_SCREEN   (1UL << 5)
#define SEARCH_TITLE   (1UL << 0)
#define SIZE_FROM   1
#define SIZE_TO   0
#define SIZE_USEHINTS   (1L << 0)
#define XDO_ERROR   1
#define XDO_SUCCESS   0


typedef struct charcodemap charcodemap_t
typedef struct keysym_charmap keysym_charmap_t
typedef struct xdo_active_mods xdo_active_mods_t
typedef struct xdo_search xdo_search_t
typedef struct xdo xdo_t


int xdo_active_keys_to_keycode_list (const xdo_t *xdo, charcodemap_t **keys, int *nkeys)
int xdo_clear_active_modifiers (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, xdo_active_mods_t *active_mods)
int xdo_click (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, int button)
void xdo_free (xdo_t *xdo)
void xdo_free_active_modifiers (xdo_active_mods_t *active_mods)
xdo_active_mods_txdo_get_active_modifiers (const xdo_t *xdo)
int xdo_get_current_desktop (const xdo_t *xdo, long *desktop)
int xdo_get_desktop_for_window (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, long *desktop)
unsigned int xdo_get_input_state (const xdo_t *xdo)
int xdo_get_number_of_desktops (const xdo_t *xdo, long *ndesktops)
int xdo_get_window_location (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, int *x_ret, int *y_ret, Screen **screen_ret)
int xdo_get_window_size (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, unsigned int *width_ret, unsigned int *height_ret)
unsigned char * xdo_getwinprop (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, Atom atom, long *nitems, Atom *type, int *size)
int xdo_keysequence (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, const char *keysequence, useconds_t delay)
int xdo_keysequence_down (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, const char *keysequence, useconds_t delay)
int xdo_keysequence_list_do (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, charcodemap_t *keys, int nkeys, int pressed, int *modifier, useconds_t delay)
int xdo_keysequence_up (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, const char *keysequence, useconds_t delay)
const keysym_charmap_txdo_keysym_charmap (void)
int xdo_mouse_wait_for_move_from (const xdo_t *xdo, int origin_x, int origin_y)
int xdo_mouse_wait_for_move_to (const xdo_t *xdo, int dest_x, int dest_y)
int xdo_mousedown (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, int button)
int xdo_mouselocation (const xdo_t *xdo, int *x, int *y, int *screen_num)
int xdo_mousemove (const xdo_t *xdo, int x, int y, int screen)
int xdo_mousemove_relative (const xdo_t *xdo, int x, int y)
int xdo_mousemove_relative_to_window (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, int x, int y)
int xdo_mouseup (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, int button)
xdo_txdo_new (char *display)
xdo_txdo_new_with_opened_display (Display *xdpy, const char *display, int close_display_when_freed)
int xdo_set_active_modifiers (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, const xdo_active_mods_t *active_mods)
int xdo_set_current_desktop (const xdo_t *xdo, long desktop)
int xdo_set_desktop_for_window (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, long desktop)
int xdo_set_number_of_desktops (const xdo_t *xdo, long ndesktops)
const char ** xdo_symbol_map (void)
int xdo_type (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, char *string, useconds_t delay)
const char * xdo_version (void)
int xdo_window_activate (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid)
int xdo_window_focus (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid)
int xdo_window_get_active (const xdo_t *xdo, Window *window_ret)
int xdo_window_get_focus (const xdo_t *xdo, Window *window_ret)
int xdo_window_get_pid (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window)
int xdo_window_map (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid)
int xdo_window_move (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, int x, int y)
int xdo_window_raise (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid)
int xdo_window_sane_get_focus (const xdo_t *xdo, Window *window_ret)
int xdo_window_search (const xdo_t *xdo, const xdo_search_t *search, Window **windowlist_ret, int *nwindows_ret)
int xdo_window_setclass (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, const char *name, const char *class)
int xdo_window_setprop (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, const char *property, const char *value)
int xdo_window_setsize (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, int w, int h, int flags)
int xdo_window_translate_with_sizehint (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, int width, int height, int *width_ret, int *height_ret)
int xdo_window_unmap (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid)
int xdo_window_wait_for_active (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, int active)
int xdo_window_wait_for_focus (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, int want_focus)
int xdo_window_wait_for_map_state (const xdo_t *xdo, Window wid, int map_state)
int xdo_window_wait_for_size (const xdo_t *xdo, Window window, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, int flags, int to_or_from)

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